ridged nails – 8 Causes and Treatments?

Ridged nails can be longitudinal or transverse, the causes can be different (aging of the nail, skin disease, poor blood circulation) including excessive exposure to water, chemicals or trauma. These grooves weaken the nail and create grooves making the nail unattractive.

ridged nails what are the causes and treatments?

ridged nails
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What are the main causes of ridged nails?

Before treating and repairing ridged nails, we should attempt to perceive the origin of the problem. similar to our hair, our nails have tons to mention regarding our health. several factors will contribute to the looks of striae on their surface, such as:

  • Anemia:

Streaky fingernails might mirror anemia, that may be a lack of iron within the blood. To treat this, create a rendezvous with your doctor to have a blood test done to confirm your anemia.

  • Regular and intense stress:

Deep, horizontal grooves tend to appear when the body is compromised by stress.

  • Poor nutrition¬†:

The state of your nails can also inform you about the deficiencies of your diet. Thus, striated nails can reflect a deficiency in magnesium, vitamin D, proteins… Don’t hesitate to vary your diet and give preference to iron-rich foods.

  • A physical or emotional shock:

Horizontal grooves can also be a symbol of an emotional shock, which can cause trauma to the nail matrix.

  • A natural fragility of the nail:

(I will write an article about nails fragility and make it as a reference)

  • Nails that break, split, crumble:

every day, our nails are attacked by the environment and daily activities. They can then quickly become brittle and give our hands an unkempt appearance.

  • A skin disease.

If the nails on the hands and feet are affected, if there are problems with friability or brittle nails, it is best to have an examination as this may be a sign of fungus. It is even more necessary if the patient notices an associated hair problem or a change in nail color. The dermatologist will then give an overview and a routine for implementation.

People who work in hygiene, in food, in contact with water will thus have a greater risk of having striated nails.

How to care for and treat ridged nails?

To prevent and repair ridged nails and have beautiful nails, avoid all factors that promote the formation of ridges. Here are some simple and effective tips and advice to consider:

  • Nourish your nails:

Nourishing your nails with butters or natural moisturizing creams, applying oils such as borage, evening primrose, avocado or cooking oil used on a daily basis can also be interesting alternatives because their fatty acid composition will enrich the keratin of the nails and protect them from all external aggressions.

  • Limit varnish:

It is advisable to limit the fancy nail polish and prefer those hardeners sold in pharmacies and para pharmacies. It is also preferable to cut your nails short.

  • Take food supplements:

Doctors recommend taking food supplements that do not contain iron, except in cases of iron deficiency. On the other hand, it is better to take a small dose but in a prolonged way, from 4 to 6 months. To choose your supplements, ask your pharmacist or your doctor.

  • Protect your nails:

In winter, you must protect yourself from the cold by wearing gloves and sleeves that cover the palm of your hands. In the summer, you must protect yourself from water. Gloves should also be worn when handling chemical cleaning products and smoking should be limited. Smoking causes a spasm of blood micro-circulation in the extremities, which aggravates the problem of streaks on the nails.

Ridged nails | What Causes Nail Ridges & How To Treat

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